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Choose Blue Rain for business financing for your customers

Blue Rain provides a unique set of lending, integration and servicing options to a broad spectrum of partners who shares the common objective of helping a small business succeed

  • We Partner with a Wide Range of SMB Service Providers

  • We Provide Flexible Integration Options

  • We Provide Service Options to Fit Your Needs

  • We Offer Competitive Commission and Deal Terms

Four partnership options ensure the right fit for your business

Lending as a Service

You’re a bank or financial institution looking to digitize your small business lending process, improve the customer experience, increase conversion, and reduce costs. We work with a wide range of financial institutions and look forward to partnering with you to reinvent your small business lending process.

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Strategic & Enterprise Partners

You’re an organization with small business customers who wants to offer a captive financing solution to meet your customers’ needs. Blue Rain offers custom APIs for a seamlessly integrated experience and white-labeled sales and support teams that allow you to leverage our platform to help your customers grow.

Funding & Referral Partners

You’re a broker, sales organization, professional services firm, or direct lender who wants to offer Blue Rain lending products to your customer base of small business owners. Blue Rain offers flexible integration, sales and marketing solutions that allow partners to leverage our platform to help their customers grow.

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Affiliate Program

You’re a publisher with a captive audience of small business owners who could benefit from Blue Rain’s financing options. Blue Rain offers a simple affiliate partner application and set-up, allowing you to start earning commissions quickly while helping your audience find the right financing solution for their needs.

Become An Investor

All you need is as little as a $1000 ! We will teach you how to invest and make a return. Blue Rain Management will educate you on each deal, the borrower, and what we internally think about each possible deal.